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General Copyright Statement
regarding the web sites and and the material contained therein

short version:

  • © Philipp Kneis (Phil John Kneis), Berlin / Eichwalde / Corvallis, OR, 1998-2020
  • © Philipp Kneis (Phil John Kneis), Berlin / Eichwalde / Corvallis, OR, 2002-2020
  • © Philipp Kneis (Phil John Kneis), Berlin / Eichwalde / Corvallis, OR, 2016-2020

long version:

  1. (user agreement)
    By accessing these sites the user agrees to the copyright terms established herein, and he/she acknowledges the copyright laws these sites and all their material is subjected to.

  2. (site owner)
    Philipp Kneis is the owner of this site. "Phil John Kneis", "Phil John", "PJK" and "PJKX" are aliases whose use on these sites can be considered equivalent to that of my name.

  3. (site name, subtitle and logo)
    These sites and internet domain names (,, the subtitle in combination with the site name ( - approaching the unexplained), and the two different Phi-shaped site logos are copyright © Philipp Kneis.

  4. (original material)
    These sites are protected by copyright laws of Germany and other countries. All original material on these sites copyright © Philipp Kneis Berlin/Eichwalde, since 1998 (poems © Philipp Kneis Berlin, since 1991). All rights reserved. This includes layout, original artwork, poems, essays, photographs and other text except quotations and episode guides.

  5. (works cited or discussed)
    All use of material derived from any television shows, movies, books, web sites, music etc. is made in order to honor and discuss the work of the people who created those works of art. Any kind of logos, images or quotes shown on these sites referring to that material remain the sole property of those owning copyright for them. They are being displayed here to support those shows etc., not to claim otherwise authorship. No copyright infringement is intended on my part.

    Copyright for television shows discussed on this site:

    "Babylon 5" TM/© Babylonian Prod. / Time Warner Entertainment Co. / Turner Network Television (TNT)
    "Angel", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TM/© Sandollar Tel. / 20th Century Fox Tel. / Mutant Enemy / Kuzui Enterprises
    "Crusade" TM/© Babylonian Prod. / Turner Network Television (TNT)
    "Early Edition" TM/© Three Characters, Inc. and CBS Productions in association with TriStar Television, Inc.
    "Farscape" TM/© Jim Henson Tel., 9 Network, Hallmark Entert., Nine Film & Tel. Pty. Ltd., The Sci-Fi Channel
    "F/X - The Series" TM/© Fireworks Entert. / Baton / Hallmark Entert., Inc. / Rysher Entert. / CTV Tel. Network Ltd.
    "JAG" TM/© Belisarius Productions / Paramount Television / NBC
    "Magnum, p.i." TM/© Bellisarius Prod. / Glen A. Larson Prod. / TWA Productions / Universal Pictures
    "Millennium" TM/© Ten Thirteen Prod. / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
    "The Outer Limits" TM/© Trilogy Entertainment / Atlantis / Showtime Networks, Inc.
    "The Pretender" TM/© NBC / Mitchell/Van Sickle Prod. / MTM Entertainment / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
    "Space: Above and Beyond" TM/© Hard Eight Prod. / Hard Eight Pictures, Inc. / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
    "Star Trek"; "Star Trek: The Next Generation"; "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"; "Star Trek: Voyager" TM/© Paramount
    "Strange Luck" TM/© Unreality / Fox Television / M2 Services
    "TekWar" TM/© Cardigan Productions
    "Twin Peaks" TM/© Lynch/Frost Prod. / Spelling Entertainment / Twin Peaks Prod., Inc.
    "The Visitor" TM/© Centropolis Television / 20th Century Fox Television
    "The X-Files" TM/© Ten Thirteen Prod. / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

    For mentioned books, please refer to the Selected Bibliography or the Book Review Pages respectively. For discussed movies and soundtracks, as well as television shows not mentioned above, please check the Internet Movie Database for detailed copyright information.

    All images of posters I obtained through associations with and

  6. (distribution)
    Any material on these sites created by myself can be distributed freely for limited non-commercial purposes as long as it remains unchanged and it is made clear that the copyright belongs to the owner of this site, i.e. me. If you intend to publish my material commercially or make excessive use of it, please contact me.

    Excessive use would also constitute mimicking the layout of this site, claiming credit for any parts of my work, showcasing my work in such a way that the impression would be created that a different person than myself would own the respective copyright.

  7. (as-is-service)
    These sites are provided on an "as is" basis. The administrator of these sites makes no warranties regarding the availability of the information and services contained therein and will not be liable for any kind of consequences resulting from inappropriate use. I reserve the right to make any changes to the material posted on this site, whenever and inhowfar I should deem it necessary. Though the intent of these sites is to create a continuing archive of my work, I may remove or alter some older material in the future.

  8. (opinions / age-restricted material)
    The opinions uttered on these sites are to be considered protected by national and international laws that guarantee free speech. Material which could be inappropriate for young children is espressly marked as such, and should be handled that way.

  9. (links to other web sites)
    All links on these sites leading to other web sites are given for purposes of information and reference. I do not necessarily agree with the opinions published on these sites and will not be held accountable for what you might find there.

    Neither can I guarantee the overall availability of these sites, and I cannot be held accountable for broken links. But I would be happy to be informed in such a case so that I can fix the problems on my site.

  10. (update to this copyright notice)
    I reserve the right to update this copyright statement at any time without further notice.

last update to this page: January 1st, 2002

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