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A Short Essay

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Defying Saddam

(this article was written for an essay-writing class, which may explain the overall style)

What to do when there is a ruthless dictator not refraining from acts of violence against his neighbors or his own people, what to do when this man is both capable of and not hesitating to use NBC weapons?

Early on December 17th 1998 local time, the US-UK alliance has commenced a military strike against Iraq's military facilities in reaction to Saddam Hussein's ongoing non-cooperation with UN weapons inspectors. Saddam, who has been leading various military attacks against his neighboring countries, including Kuwait in 1991, and the Kurdish people living in Iraq, has been obstructing the peacemaking process for seven years, not at all showing any kind of intention to cooperate.

The international community has been and is being threatened by Iraq's dictator; and there has been a common understanding that if there was no cooperation, then the coalition would have to strike again. And after the showdown in November and President Clinton's final warning, such a military strike was obviously about to happen if Saddam again discontinued cooperation.

There is also argument of the air strikes conducted by the USS Enterprise coinciding with the scheduled impeachment votes, this point of time being more than a coincidence. But such a relation would be ridiculous. On the contrary, Mr. Clinton is just doing the job he was elected to do and is supported to be doing by the majority of the American people. He is doing his job despite one-sided Republican efforts to remove him from office. A president has to do what daily necessities demand.

Saddam doesn't respond to diplomacy. Without action against him, he would be encouraged to continue his policies of obstruction, betrayal and suppression. The alliance as well as the international community are responsible for the safety of the region and the fate of the Iraqi people.

December 17th, 1998

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