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Tim Allen. Don't Stand Too Close A Naked Man.
N.Y.: Hyperion, 1994

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Tim Allen, Dont Stand Too Close a Naked Man


Men look at women the way men look at cars. Everyone looks at Ferraris. Now and then we like a pickup truck, and we all end up with station wagons.

Bob Hope once was asked this question: "If you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be?"
For me the answer is thirteen. I'm frozen there. I may look like an adult, but inside there's a a teenage boy just becoming aware, in charge of the equipment. [p.47]


Tim Allen, the comedian starring Home Improvement, The Santa Clause, Jungle 2 Jungle and For Richer and Poorer has managed to give an impressive insight into the topics of men, women and their relationships.

After thoughts about his real name, Tim Allen Dick, he tells tales from his youth, followed by analyses of woman and men until he brings both of them together, not without explaining men's desire to create and so their need for tools, and not without introducing the term 'masculinism'.

So in his own, effortless and direct style he jumps straight into the problems and uses his words as Tim Taylor would use his powerful electrical tools, but with one difference: Tim Allen doesn't blow it up. He's fun to read, he's honest, he does not just scratch the surface but goes right into detail. And he's not just the Toolman.

January 11th, 1998

Tim Allen. I'm Not Really Here.
N.Y.: Hyperion, 1996

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Tim Allen, I'm Not Really Here


I would rather pick up dog mines in the backyard than wake up difficult people. I understand, because as a kid I would have sold my grandmother for a few more minutes in the sack snuggling with the great white biscuit. My wife is impossible. It is only safe to wake her from a distance, like Portugal. [p. 18]

Unlike me, Tim Taylor isn't burdened with thoughts about the cosmos. He thinks the Cosmos are a soccer team. He hasn't had a full-blown midlife crisis yet. The only thing he's blown is a camshaft. [...] Tim Taylor would never get the bigger picture. Wilson, maybe. Al would enjoy the conversation, but Tim? Forget it.
Tim Taylor is my vocation. I play this guy on TV. I'm always playing. I started as Tim Dick. Then I played Tim Allen on the comedy stage; now I play Tim Allen playing Tim Taylor. [p. 112f]


Tim Allen's second book takes a turn to more theoretical themes. He describes two days of a search for a deeper truth and is looking into aspects of quantum physics and religion. He seems to have enough of playing games and even more gives serious aspects to the comedian Tim Allen, who seems to have become quite a writer now.

But it would not be Tim Allen without fun, and so he gives us some comedical moments within his search for the truth. The topic he has chosen is unusual, but this makes the book even more interesting and important and shows that he has not only the desire to improve his home just on a physical, but on a mental level too.

January 11th, 1998

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