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Robert M. Watkins. Black Holes and Tepee Rings.
On Cosmic Mysteries & Spiritual Mythology. Kalispell, Montana: Black Wolf, 1994

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Robert M. Watkins, Black Holes and Tepee Rings


The more we learn, the more mysterious our world becomes. The simple days of yesteryear are gone. With each passing year comes a flood of new ideas, strange findings, knowledge which threatens or long-held concept of reality. We can either deny this new knowledge, or we can try to make sens of it. [p. 1]

We in the West seem to insist upon all things having a beginning and an end. Why? Because that is what we see happening all around us every day. [..] Is this a universal theme, a hard cruel fact; or could it be otherwise, consciousness forever and universes unending. [p.109]


This book is one of those one perhaps doesn't dare to touch, but does it anyway. But then, while reading, it reveals a seemingly endless stream of experience and knowledge - information gathered during a lifetime. The author presents us black holes, theories of the universe, of life, of spirits, of silent messangers, of god. But he has chosen not a prescriptive, but a descriptive way. He just wants us to listen, and when we do so he kindly unfolds his universe to let us proceed one step further towards revelation.

This is not a book of doctrines, not of tradition, not of history. It is a book that tries to explain hardcore science to the ordinary people, it tries to get some sense out of modern and postmodern scientific theories by using spiritual knowledge that people have gathered over millennia. It is a book that makes the reader aware that he is much, much more than just a bundle of atoms and physical energy.

February 22nd, 1998

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