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IMDb/F/X - The Series

1996-1998 · episode guide

F/X is not just a simple crime show. It isn't about unexplained phenomena either, it isn't even really science fiction. So why do I include this show into the ones featured on this site? Why mention a show that at first sight doesn't seem to fit into the thematic frame of these pages?

The new perspective of reality is essentially based on self-reflection, on reflections on reality and on our view of reality; this view being itself an artificially constructed phenomenon, construed as being sufficient and reliable enough to rely on it (see also: General Discussion, Discussion: F/X). Self-awareness, self-reflection is essential to further understanding of the world around us, ignoring the methods of measurement would mean to take the risk of an incomplete interpretation and analysis.

Apart from being entertaining and humorous, F/X is a show that plays on the above mentioned criteria: It is about a special effects team consisting of the Australian Rollie Tyler and his assistant, Angela Ramirez. So the show is self-reflecting as it is about movie technology, and about the means to create movies, it is about transforming fiction into reality.

Besides working in the motion picture industry, Rollie and Angie assist the NYPD to solve complicated cases. Their weapons: perfect illusions. Masquerades, visual effects and a more-than-state-of-the-art equipment enable them to change the subjective reality of the people they're after: Reality needn't only be an illusion, we can create and manipulate it by creating illusions ourselves, seeing is believing (see also: General Discussion: Intertwined, Part 4).

F/X is not just an action show, not just a crime show. Just like The Pretender, it is entertaining without being too cruel or too complex, its perspectives and stories might not tangle such great epic tales or issues like sf does, but who wants to watch only sf? And then, who says that television can't be entertaining, that entertainment would be something negative?

July 4th, 1998

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