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A Short Essay

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(this article was written for an essay-writing class, which may explain the overall style)

Presently there are going on talks and activities aimed at eventually removing President Clinton from office; those initiatives being based on the Clinton-Lewinsky affair and the President's conduct during the following hearings.

There is probably no doubt that if the accusations against Mr. Clinton having an affair with Miss Lewinsky are correct, he had been acting not in accordance with moral standards; that he had betrayed his wife. There can be no excuse for such an activity; it is a moral failure, but it is a very private issue.

There is neither evidence nor indication that the affair might have been an act of harassment or violation; while having committed a moral failure, this did not include a legal one. His responsibility concerning that affair is his own; besides being President, he is also a human being subjected to committing mistakes.

No one can expect another one to tell the truth about an affair; especially, when there has been committed no crime. To force the President to go into details about an affair which is merely a matter of his conscience, his family and Miss Lewinsky, is in itself a violation of the legal system. Kenneth Starr, hired to get insight into the Clinton's involvement with the Whitewater affair, had not discovered anything blaming Mr. Clinton. It seems that the obsession of Starr and the Republicans with the Lewinsky affair is born out of their disappointment with not having succeeded to get him on more solid matters.

To impeach a President is a very serious matter. To impeach a President because of an affair is ridiculous. To try to force the President to reveal personal matters irrelevant to the law, and to call his evasions to cooperate with this charade perjury, is misusing the law, weakening Presidency and the state.

December 17th, 1998

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